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  • Kleine Helfer

    Interaktivere Präsentationen mit Zoomit 4.1

    Das Sysinternals-Tool "Zoomit" stellt in Version 4.1 vielfältige Möglichkeiten zur Verfügung, um in Bildschirmpräsentationen zu arbeiten. …mehr

  • Mamut offers hosted ERP to small businesses

    A Scandinavian software company is looking to launch a single software ERP product for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). Mamut Software, which is based in Norway, claims to be able to offer a hosted single product that offers a variety of features without the need to upgrade infrastructure.Mamut One offers ERP, payroll, ecommerce and stock control on a single system, as well as providing messaging and calendaring. It is offered under three separate pricing schemes: gold, silver and bronze. …mehr

  • Palm again hacks Apple's iTunes for Pre owners

    Palm today re-enabled synchronization through Apple's iTunes for owners of its Pre smartphone, ignoring warnings from a standards group last month. …mehr

  • Find Chat Rooms to Discuss Almost Anything

    If you're looking to chat about just about any topic under the sun, you'd do well to give (free) a try. Are you a fan of trance music, dance music, Elvis, or Beethoven? There are chat rooms for you. Want to chat with others about professional wrestling, beauty tips, or day trading? There are chat rooms for you as well. …mehr

  • Palm again hacks Apple's iTunes for Pre owners

    Palm Saturday re-enabled synchronization through Apple's iTunes for owners of its Pre smartphone, ignoring warnings from a standards group last month. …mehr

  • NotAwesome Firefox Add-On Hides History

    Enough people loved 's history and bookmark searching location bar that the name "AwesomeBar" caught on. While this tool is great for productivity, its omniscience is a serious privacy concern. Don't let your boss see that you've been looking for a new career on job search Web sites. You can clear your history, and completely exclude bookmarks from displaying in the bar, but why waste such a useful feature just to hide a few URLs? is a simple, free add-on that allows you to selectively hide bookmarks from the incriminating gaze of the AwesomeBar. …mehr

  • Bing's Biggest Enemy in Search Wars

    It won't be clear for some time whether 's attempt to grab search engine market share from has stalled, or even gone into reverse. The September numbers from Web metrics firm Net Applications show a , although Google's whopping share of the pie -- still north of 80 percent -- dipped a bit too. …mehr

  • ZTE shows LTE modems

    Chinese vendor ZTE is showing off two LTE (Long Term Evolution) modems, which on paper will support mobile broadband speeds of up to 100 Mbps, at ITU Telecom World in Geneva. …mehr

  • Orange says 'Not long now' for non-O2 iPhone

    O2's exclusive grip on the Apple iPhone market became another step less tight today when Orange contacted the public with a message entitled "Not long now". …mehr

  • IT jobs creep upwards in September

    The Australian job market has risen again in September, but the IT sector is still playing catch-up, according to the latest results from the . …mehr

  • The Macalope Weekly: Who’s the boss?

    Big news on the Apple tablet front this week! Well, not so much "news" per se. One supposition and one rumor. But, please, we're Apple followers. This is what we do! And you'll be at the Macalope's revolutionary suggestion for iPhone developers. …mehr

  • DownTester Reports Your Connection Speed

    Everyone wants to know how fast their Internet connection is, and promises to tell you exactly that. This free utility is simple to use and tests speeds by contacting any Web site of your choice--but as with all tests of this kind, it's not at all clear whether the results are accurate. …mehr

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