IT jobs creep upwards in September

The Australian job market has risen again in September, but the IT sector is still playing catch-up, according to the latest results from the .

Overall, job ads are up another 3.58 per cent in September, on the back of August's 2.43 per cent rise, reflecting a sense of optimism in the market. But the IT sector only experienced a slight rise of 0.8 per cent.

"IT is not enjoying the same spectacular rebound, but the overall prognosis is good," Olivier Group director, Bob Olivier, said.

"Although IT wasn't hurt as hard as many other sectors in the downturn, the industry hasn't got the full return in business as yet."

The IT sector in the ACT suffered the biggest fall, dropping 20.39 per cent on the back of the , which is causing a clamp down on ICT spend in the Federal Government. However, this was partially offset by a rebound in NSW of 1.37 per cent.

"While IT organisations are no longer desperate for the next sale to keep them going, they still haven't got enough confidence in laying large sums out on extra projects," Olivier said.