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  • DiskDigger Gets Better, But Stays Free

    goes well beyond the usual undelete utility that's offered gratis as a leader product, though as of version 0.8 it does that. It will also dig "beneath the file system" (author Dmitry Brant's line, which I plan to borrow regularly in the future) to recover data on a sector-by-sector basis from hard drives, thumb drives, etc. (Think of sectors as little boxes containing data that are arranged in tracks/circles on your hard drive.) …mehr

  • VidBlaster desktop video production studio ships

    CombiTech has released VidBlaster 1.0, the first complete version of the desktop video production software. VidBlaster is Windows PC-based video production, broadcast, recording and streaming software for corporate, web and broadcast productions supporting both NTSC, PAL and HD. …mehr

  • AVG LinkScanner Helps Avoid "Poison" Web Sites

    These days, one of the greatest threats to your PC is that of so-called poisoned Web pages, which contain malicious downloads, or that may do damage to your PC all by themselves. Anti-spyware and anti-virus software may not protect you against these pages. If you're looking for an extra layer of protection against them, the free is a good bet. …mehr

  • Canon Pixma MX860 Inkjet MFP

    Canon's Pixma MX860 is a nicely equipped, moderately priced ($200 as of May 5, 2009) machine that would serve a small office well. Its older cousin, the , is faster and a little cheaper, but has fewer features. …mehr

  • Mozilla sets Firefox 3.5 RC for early June

    After months of problems that delayed the last two betas of Firefox 3.5, Mozilla Corp. is now on track to deliver the first release candidate early next month. …mehr

  • Fujitsu in trouble with union over scrapping pension schemes

    Labour union Unite has lambasted Fujitsu services over plans to close its final salary pension scheme to both new and long-term staff. …mehr

  • JSRedir-R malware spreads across internet

    JSRedir-R is the latest web-based malware attack to infect the internet, being found on six times more websites than other malware, says . …mehr

  • Wolfram Alpha: A Test Run

    is online for testing throughout the weekend, in anticipation of the online knowledge base officially going live on Monday. Although the launch team warned in that the site may go down periodically throughout the weekend, anyone has a chance to check out how well it answers from its database of information organized by Wolfram Alpha staff. …mehr

  • Whitehall CIO supports gov't IT spending of £13.7 billion

    The government's chief information officer has claimed progress in the three key areas of change set out in the 2005 . …mehr

  • Soca details its battles against cybercriminals

    The has revealed details of two major cyber crime cases and completed an overhaul of its IT systems to meet its operational needs. …mehr

  • Keep Your Files in the Cloud with ZumoDrive

    Not enough space on your for all your music? Need more storage for your tiny netbook hard drive? ZumoDrive promises to solve conundrums like these by keeping your files in the cloud but making them accessible in real-time, just as though they were local. Inother words, it's a virtual hard drive that lives online. …mehr

  • HP Officejet Pro 8500 Wireless All-in-One Inkjet MFP

    HP's OfficeJet Pro 8500 Wireless All-in-One is a built to take anything that a small office can throw at it. Granted, it's expensive, but if you do high-volume printing, consider buying it for the low consumables costs if nothing else. …mehr

  • Mirror Backs Up Simple Folder Structures

    couldn't be simpler to use, and couldn't be more handy. Put simply, what this free program does is what it's named--it mirrors, i.e. copies a folder structure to another location to another. After a folder structure (e.g., My Documents and all its subfolder) has been copied initially, only added or changed files are copied--which makes it very efficient, i.e., fast. …mehr

  • NASA astronauts repairing Hubble's black hole hunter

    The fourth spacewalk of the mission to repair and update the Hubble Space Telescope is under way, with astronauts working to bring back to life a key instrument that has been down for the last five years. …mehr

  • Opinion: Apple to Great Recession: 'What, Me Worry?'

    In case you hadn't noticed, Apple Inc. and Microsoft Corp. are . Microsoft's been going on and on about the "Apple Tax," and Apple just this week fired back with a slamming PCs in general and Microsoft in particular. …mehr

  • Brother MFC-6890CDW Inkjet MFP

    Ledger-size products like Brother's MFC-6890CDW let you skip the local print shop and print a wider (literally) range of documents in-house. But as with similar products we've tested (including the and the ), this MFP's talent comes at a price. Furthermore, it's a very slow performer. …mehr

  • Mac News Briefs: ProjectWizards rolls out trio of updates

    ProjectWizards officially released new versions of its and the companion product that allows for collaborative product management. The newly released version 2.7 had previously been available as a public beta. In addition, ProjectWizards also released a 1.0.1 update to the , fixing a connectivity issue. …mehr

  • Prepare for Bountiful Harvests With Plangarden

    Ah, springtime. Time to go outside (otherwise known as 'The big room with the blue ceiling'), and begin digging in the dirt, removing some plants and adding others. But if you want a great way to delay the actual "going outside" part, you can spend much time happily laying out your future garden with ($20/year, 45-day free trial). …mehr

  • 3000 Awesome Facts Pro for the iPhone

    Fact is, is a nifty trivia app for the iPhone and iPod touch. I'm not entirely certain why the app bears the "pro" appellation, however. Perhaps, some developers believe the word means something it does not. I imagine 3000 Awesome Facts will appeal to bar and café patrons, salesmen, blind dates, grocery clerks, grifters, and other raconteurs, professional or otherwise. …mehr

  • How To: Get Free Business Advice

    Many free, online resources can help answer your business questions. While some sites are skewed towards single-person startups, you can still find a community to help an established, larger business. …mehr

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