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  • Beam ESPN Content to Your Nintendo DS

    Take me out to the ballgame, just don't forget my Nintendo DS. And no, I won't be whipping it out to pull off a bunch of modish combos in , or to bust six star cop squads in (though in theory I still could) because I'll actually be too engrossed scanning MLB stats and parsing standings and peeping the latest tickers and ordering a couple ballpark franks with chili-cheese and extra onions, hold the relish. …mehr

  • B.C. hatches $100-million deal with EAS and Q9

    Q9 Networks Inc. will build and operate a new data centre in Kamloops, BC as part of a 15-year data centre service agreement with EDS Advanced Solutions (EAS) Inc., a subsidiary of EDS Canada Inc. …mehr

  • Satyam seeks redemption with new owner after scandal

    Scandal-wracked Satyam Computer Services Ltd. has chosen an India-based company named Tech Mahindra Ltd. to acquire a majority stake in the offshore outsourcing vendor, following a that began early last month. …mehr

  • iPhone finds a home in the enterprise market

    Market-research firm Forrester on Monday that looks at several companies using the iPhone in the enterprise market. That's significant for Apple because one of the knocks against the iPhone when it first came out was that it didn't have sufficient security for large businesses. …mehr

  • Silicon Valley sees its worst year since 2001

    There's not much good news for this year's , a tech-sector portfolio created and tracked by the San Jose Mercury News. Most of the companies on the list suffered stomach-churning losses as the economy tanked last year.  …mehr

  • DynamicOps homes in on VM provisioning

    DynamicOps describes its Virtual Resource Management (VRM) tool as a "unified approach to managing both server and desktop virtualization" regardless of the hypervisor platform. …mehr

  • Hacker Claims Credit For Amazon's Gay-Themed Book 'Glitch'

    A hacker now claims he was behind the that caused of gay- and lesbian-themed books to lose their sales ranks over the weekend. The hacker, who identifies himself only as "Weev," posted a confession of sorts within a LiveJournal discussion group Monday morning. …mehr

  • CA has top option for cross-platform VM management

    Of the products we compared, CA's NSM/ASM pairing served up the best combination of VM management components. But it wasn't problem free. …mehr

  • Darkness for iPhone

    Let's say you need to call Aunt Celeste in Sydney--is she awake? Or perhaps your boss has handed you a hot lead from Lapland--will anyone be in the office to take your call? Darkness from , now available in an updated 2.0 release, answers these questions with a distinctive style, adding unique features not available in the default iPhone world clock application. …mehr

  • SC-VMM provides limited view of VMware-based VMs

    The final version of SC VMM -- which began shipping in November -- is much improved over the beta code we last fall, but it has still got some rough patches in terms of integration with Microsoft's Operations Manager (needed for monitoring and trending) and as supporting non-Windows VMs goes. …mehr

  • Final Fantasy VII comes to PS3 and PSP with new improvements

    was released Friday in Japan on PSN by Square-Enix, and the updated game includes a number of changes to the original release. …mehr

  • Judge Mathis' GTA-esque game to include prison rape

    Popular TV arbiter Judge Mathis is teaming up with a Hollywood filmmaker to create a new open-world shooter called Mathis "Detroit" Street Judge. …mehr

  • TotalView gives static view of some virtual servers

    Insystek TotalView is designed to be a comprehensive environmental management tool for physical and virtual infrastructure. For the purposes of this test, it supports XenServer and VMware ESX and VirtualCenter and a few older virtualization environments not included in our test bed, but it does not support Hyper-V yet. …mehr

  • VM management: Cross-platform tools fall short

    With the abundance of formidable virtualization platforms on the market today, there ought to be a better way to manage heterogeneous VM farms. …mehr

  • Apple adds special 20-inch iMac for educational institutions

    During these difficult economic times, schools are feeling the budget pinch as much as any other group. So Apple's decision to (PDF link) for US$899 couldn't come at a better time. The 20-inch model replaces the 17-inch polycarbonate iMac for education, which Apple was found to be only a few weeks ago. …mehr

  • African countries boost Internet security training

    Boosted by the prospect of an Internet boom from various infrastructure projects, representatives from 22 African are meeting in Arusha for training on securing critical Internet infrastructure. …mehr

  • How we tested virtual machine environments

    For a product to be included in this round of testing, it had to be able to manage two or more server virtualization platforms from a list consisting of VMware's ESX 3.5, Microsoft's Hyper-V and Citrix's newly 'free' XenServer 5.0. …mehr

  • Wearable robotic suit could help disabled to walk

    A Japanese company has created a robotic exoskeleton that is designed to help make disabled people mobile again, enabling them to stand up, walk and even climb stairs. …mehr

  • So Yahoo and Microsoft walk into a bar ...

    A sufficient period of mourning has passed, and now the relentless suitor once again approaches the object of its affections. …mehr

  • Twitter attracting techie labs

    As Network World's Alpha Doggs network research , I've been searching Twitter in recent months for vendor, university and government labs and research operations using the popular microblogging service. While I've found a handful, I'm not impressed: For the most part they're just spitting out press releases or blog headlines. …mehr

  • Next Halo Game will 'blend console, web, and mobile'

    A reveals that the media giant is now enlisting programmers for a brand-new Halo project that embraces online social communities. Is this the Halo MMO fans have been clamoring for, one that will bring games like and to the scale of ? It's possible, but at this time we're as in the dark as you are. …mehr

  • Tekken 6 director on Wii Tekken: 'very interesting'

    In an , the director of the Xbox 360- and PS3-bound brawler is open to the idea of a Wii version of the classic fighting series. Here's the key quote: …mehr

  • Trend Micro dishes out security smorgasbord

    Trend Micro Monday dished out a smorgasbord of endpoint security products that put the focus on Trend's and its partnership with systems-management vendor . …mehr

  • Five new fighters revealed for Fight Night Round 4

    A big update out of EA land today! Five new boxers have been revealed for Fight Night Round 4 on the Xbox 360 and PS3. …mehr

  • Password Stealers Sit on Popular Download Sites

    You might already know that it's easy for the bad guys to buy malware kits and ready-made digital nasties on black market Web sites. But some tools are even easier to pick up, such as a blatant IM password stealer available on a major download site.  …mehr

  • CRM users favor BlackBerry over iPhone: Maximizer

    Customer-relationship management vendor Maximizer (TSX: MAX) says most of its mobile CRM users favour the BlackBerry platform, and the ever-changing dynamics of mobility require more frequent platform refreshes, leading to the recently released Maximizer 10.5 Freedom for BlackBerry. …mehr

  • Netflix for Wii and PS3, Here it Comes?

    Ah job spots, you tease us so. for pulling this one out, acting on a tip about whose description suggests everyone's favorite online video provider (ahem, ) may be flirting with another console. Make that consoles, plural, per the job listing, which stipulates that …mehr

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