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  • How bad off is tech? Depends who you ask

    Until this week, the major analyst houses have said the current recession is not as bad as what the tech sector suffered though in 2001 and 2002 after the dotcom bubble popped. Forrester, IDC, and Gartner still all agree that IT spending is down, but whether this recession is worse than the dotcom fallout is now a matter of debate. …mehr

  • IBM, Sun unable to reach a deal, reports say

    IBM and Sun Microsystems have been unable to reach agreement on the terms of an acquisition, with the talks nearing collapse on Sunday, according to news reports. …mehr

  • Regaining app-centric visibility, control

    Enterprises need a better way to control software-as-a-service, cloud computing, Web 2.0 and other applications that are hosted outside the enterprise because the traditional port-based approach has ceased to be effective. …mehr

  • Elgan: Why goofing off boosts productivity

    Office "slackers" who do more work than the all-business, all-the-time folks. …mehr

  • Apple's Nehalem-based Mac Pro 'fastest Mac ever'

    Every time it updates its professional-level workstation, Apple brands the new Mac Pro as "the fastest Mac ever." It's an interesting dilemma for the company, because the boast -- albeit true -- is both exciting and humdrum. Wouldn't it bum you out if the latest top-of-the-line Mac weren't also the fastest? …mehr

  • EMC unveils SourceOne for archiving, compliance

    EMC on Thursday unwrapped the SourceOne product family of enterprise archiving, compliance, and e-discovery software. …mehr

  • Multiwinia

    The sequel to , is a 3-D real-time strategy (RTS) game unlike any other. You play in a computer mainframe against your fellow 2-D digital life forms (Darwinians) in a pixilated war for supremacy. Cheeky, oddly adorable, and very fun to play, Multiwinia is a strong (if flat) RTS game recently ported to the Mac. …mehr

  • IBM, Sun unable to reach a deal, report says

    IBM and Sun Microsystems have been unable to reach agreement on the terms of an acquisition, with the talks nearing collapse on Sunday, the Wall Street Journal reported. …mehr

  • Adobe, Nokia outline planned ventures at Web 2.0 show

    Officials from Adobe Systems and Nokia emphasized endeavors in the application design and form factor spaces in presentations at the Web 2.0 Expo conference Thursday in San Francisco. …mehr

  • Comcast e-mail outage sparks Twitter updates galore e-mail went down for potentially millions of subscribers the better part of the day Saturday as users and observers got running commentary on the service provider's efforts to manage the situation via from Frank Eliason, the company's director of Digital Care. …mehr

  • Google's Rumored Twitter Buyout Could Raise Privacy Concerns

    A would allow a company that already knows too much about us to find out even more. And sell it to people who could aggressively use our words to pester us. Or worse. …mehr

  • Race for Free with TrackMania Nations Forever

    Zoom! Or, more commonly for me, CRASH! is one of the slickest and most polished freeware games I have seen, and my utter incompetence behind the wheel ... or keyboard ... is no slight on the game itself. …mehr

  • NHS IT chief will 'routinely' deploy new systems

    The in the NHS will be deploying new systems to NHS trusts as a matter of routine, within 12 months, according to Martin Bellamy, head of NHS Connecting for Health (NHS CFH) and director of programme and systems delivery at the Department of Health. …mehr

  • Asus woos Skype users with fancy videophone

    Asus has exported its expanding 'Eee' brand to videophones, putting on sale a standalone device that lets Skype users videoconference without the need for a PC or webcam. …mehr

  • Cognizant agrees to pay H-1B workers $500,000 in back wages

    IT services provider Cognizant Technology Solutions Corp. has agreed to pay $509,607 in back wages to 67 H-1B workers after an investigation by the U.S. Department of Labor. …mehr

  • Conficker copycat prowls for victims, says Microsoft

    An old, but little-known worm has copied some of the infection strategies of Conficker, the worm that raised a ruckus last week, Microsoft security researchers said late Friday. …mehr

  • UTM Appliances: How to Choose 'Em and Use 'Em

    To protect networks and information against increasingly sophisticated threats, many organizations are deploying security in layers. Some are finding that an efficient way to do this is by using unified threat management (UTM) appliances. …mehr

  • Skype for iPhone exceeds 1 million downloads

    Skype for iPhone has already been downloaded more than one million times, around six downloads every second reports Skype in a . …mehr

  • Has Firefox lost the plot?

    When it comes to web browsers, the main software companies such as , and are constantly releasing updated and improved versions of old favourites such as , and . Even newcomers like are successfully picking up users, and its not just Windows and Mac OS users either. …mehr

  • iTKO touts Web 2.0, virtualization in test product

    iTKO on Thursday is offering an upgrade to its Lisa product for services testing, validation and governance, touting capabilities for Web 2.0 applications and virtualization. …mehr

  • Browse Better Sites with Xmarks Firefox Add-on

    The Firefox add-in is the latest iteration of the popular add-in, which lets you synchronize your bookmarks and passwords across multiple computers running Firefox--even those that run a different operating system. …mehr

  • Don't Get Sick in Scotland, and Other Gaming Tips

    As chance would have it, my trip to Scotland last week -- a trip on which I'd planned to regale you with rousing tales of finger-perched gaming glory -- soured, in so many words, over a piece of salmon. Not the salmon, I suspect, but rather something topping the salmon that looked like it'd been squeezed from a giant tube, roughly the color of pea soup with the consistency of whipped eggs. Astronaut Green Quiche, if you will, and I have to say, it made its return to the world as appetizingly as it exited. …mehr

  • Buying advice: Network-attached storage

    A network-attached storage (NAS) drive is a dedicated storage device that uses its own operating system and software to provide centralized storage and file sharing over a computer network. NAS prices have come down to almost standard external hard-drive levels, so if you've thought about sharing one hard drive among multiple Macs or buying an external drive for each, a NAS drive may be more convenient and cost-effective. …mehr

  • Linux, Windows Server both hit by economy

    An industry analyst forecast has Linux shipments slipping a bit more percentage-wise than Microsoft's Windows Server, but Microsoft is feeling the pain of the economy, too, said an analyst who worked on the report. …mehr

  • Turn your iPod or iPhone into a portable drive

    Whether you use your iPod or iPhone for entertainment, communication, or to amplify your cool quotient, all models share one thing in common: They can function as portable storage devices. Depending on the model, your device features either a hard drive or flash drive that allows you to read and write files to it just like an external drive once you enable it to do so. Here's how. …mehr

  • Can Yahoo Out-Google Google in Image Search?

    Yahoo has quietly updated its preview page with a friendlier interface that displays larger images, and makes it easier to browse related thumbnails. Is it easier to use than ? My first impression is yes. Let's take a closer look. …mehr

  • Longjump puts SaaS inside IT shops

    Platform-as-a-service provider Longjump announced last week that its on-demand Business Applications Platform can now be licensed and used within a customer's four walls. …mehr

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