Google's Rumored Twitter Buyout Could Raise Privacy Concerns

A would allow a company that already knows too much about us to find out even more. And sell it to people who could aggressively use our words to pester us. Or worse.

Lacking any obvious way to make money, Twitter must be looking for ways to turn its search engine into a major revenue stream. How can Twitter do this in a way that users won't find obnoxious? , and slides from as a result.

Am I the only one who finds the notion of everyone on the planet being able to search comments I thought I was making only to friends more than a little creepy? Now automate the process and people will be providing a lot of information to third parties without really knowing who will be using it or how.

Now, combine what Google knows about your search and Web activities with what Twitter knows about your comments, interests, and relationships, and the potential danger ought to become obvious.

So, just for fun, let's toss all of Facebook's content into this mix and these wonderful "social networks" can reveal more of our personal data than many of us would like.

If our government were to monitor the semi-private conversations of millions of citizens and scour them for "interesting" keywords, there would be an outcry--and they would ostensibly be doing it to stop potential terror attacks.