Meldungen vom 14.03.2009

  • Sharp turns like Cisco's have a long history

    If Cisco Systems announces its first blade servers on Monday, as expected, the news may well herald a major expansion of the dominant networking company's business. But even though it's the most hotly anticipated move in a long time for an IT vendor, this isn't the first case of a company taking a big gamble on entering into a new business. …mehr

  • Rev up the Search Engines

    Your web startup needs to cut through the clutter and reel in customers, and search engine optimization (SEO) can be just the ticket. SEO helps improve your search rankings so your website shows up higher on Google, Yahoo and other popular search engines. "SEO is really [fundamental]. It should be a line item when you're developing your website," says Greg Bozigian, founder and chief media officer of new media marketing company Visionary View. …mehr

  • A Web CEO's Take On the Facebook Redesign

    Sam Lessin is founder and CEO of the file-sharing site . What follows is his reaction to the . …mehr

  • Facebook launches Facebook Connect for iPhone

    Facebook on Saturday announced the new Facebook Connect for iPhone service at the SXSW Interactive conference in Austin, Texas. Dave Morin, senior platform manager at Facebook, took the stage to explain the new iPhone integration, the recently released Facebook features for brands and celebrities, and the new homepage design that began rolling out last week. …mehr

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