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  • Toshiba, Hitachi show gesture-controlled TVs

    We're all used to hitting the power button to switch on our television but could a wave do it in the future? Both Hitachi and Toshiba are demonstrating motion sensing televisions at this week's Consumer Electronics Show and say they could be on the market in as soon as two years. …mehr

  • Dell Unveils New Studio XPS Laptops

    Dell Friday unveiled the Dell Studio XPS 16 and Dell Studio XPS 13 laptops -- the first Studio laptops to bear the XPS high-performance designation. These laptops try to combine the design of the Studio lineup and the performance of the XPS family of laptops. Both, the Dell Studio XPS 16 and Dell Studio XPS 13 feature crafted genuine leather and anodized aluminum accents on top of a high-gloss Obsidian Black finish. …mehr

  • Windows 7 Beta Download Delayed Due to Huge Demand

    Microsoft has delayed the public release of its download due to an overwhelming demand that its servers couldn't handle. …mehr

  • Windows 7 beta available for public download

    Microsoft made the Windows 7 beta available for public download Saturday after its servers were overwhelmed by users trying to download the operating system. …mehr

  • Low demand for full-time staff hits recruiters

    Hays and , the UK's two largest recruitment companies have reported that demand for full-time employees is down, but both have seen better than predicted demand for temporary workers. Both companies are major players in the supply of IT staff. …mehr

  • iPhone applications not around every corner

    You may not be able to surf tech blogs without coming across the iPhone applications, but that doesn't mean that it translates into the real world. In previous years, the show floor of Macworld has been more like iPodworld, with accessories, cases, and speaker systems for the media player around every corner. With the iPhone and its attendant software being Apple's latest hot trend, you might think that iPhone applications would fill that niche, but you'd be surprised. …mehr

  • Panasonic Adds Six New HD Camcorders

    Besides the new ultracompact camcorders and 70X optical-zoom standard-definition models that were also announced at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas Wednesday, Panasonic unveiled six new high-definition camcorders as part of its 2009 lineup--three high-end and three entry-level models. …mehr

  • Manage Your Finances with iCash

    Double-entry bookkeeping is great--if you understand it. For those of us who don't have the time or inclination to learn that most worthy system, a single-entry application such as could be just what the doctor ordered. Simple it may be, but the US$40 iCash will certainly help you keep your expenses and accounts straight. It also has charting and reports to help you get a handle on your overall financial picture. …mehr

  • Microsoft testing a better rival to Google Docs

    The story "Microsoft testing a better rival to Google Docs," which ran on the wire Friday, mischaracterized how the new Web-based Office applications that Microsoft is developing will be delivered. Microsoft says the applications will be delivered "through" Office Live Workspace and that they do not represent a new beta version of that product. …mehr

  • Microsoft makes Windows 7 beta available

    Microsoft made the Windows 7 beta available for download Saturday after its servers were overwhelmed with users trying to download the operating system. …mehr

  • Hands on with HP's Mini 2140 netbook

    Hewlett-Packard unveiled its Mini 2140 netbook at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas earlier this week, and it's cool. …mehr

  • The Mac community

    After a week's worth of guest hosts, I return to my regular podcast-hosting duties from the Macworld PodLoft on the Expo show floor. And I'm joined by Tim Holmes, a former Apple OS evangelist. Along with senior editor Rob Griffiths, who sits in on this podcast, we discuss Apple and the Mac community's past, present, and future. …mehr

  • Sysadmin mantra: Think 'abundance,' softly does it

    Internet activist, author and system administrator at Google, Tom Limoncelli, would like to see IT pros getting more involved in social justice, organisations thinking more creatively about IT, and systems administrators embracing their soft skills. As technology grows ever more pervasive and connected the demand placed on systems administrators only continues to grow. "You can't even blow up aliens or care for your Webkinz if there aren't system administrators designing and operating the networks and servers that make it all work," says Limoncelli. For this reason, he says skills such as time management are crucial in order to achieve personal and operational efficiency. Limoncelli speaks to Computerworld about what else makes it all work behind the scenes, as well as open source software and the social good. Limoncelli will be presenting the opening keynote at the up-coming …mehr

  • Career advice: Making your abilities known

    Kumur  …mehr

  • MS: Office 2007's 'Ribbon' UI to permeate Windows 7 apps

    The controversial "Ribbon" user interface that . introduced in is being used for some of , such as WordPad and Paint. …mehr

  • Tulip Plans for a Re-vamp

    Tulip Telecom goes for a corporate profile diversification. The company is planning to venture into IPLC, DLC, Internet, and ATM/FR markets in the coming year. Recently awarded the Frost & Sullivan Market Leadership for 2008, Tulip feels this is the right time to move into the other areas and increase its portfolio. "We plan to change our company completely. We want to increase our addressable market. We are also planning to give more solutions and not just services to our customers," said Col. HS Bedi. …mehr

  • Nine Inch Nails: The First Open-Source Band?

    Throughout his 20+ year career as the man behind industrial-rock act , Trent Reznor has been no stranger to the ways of Creative Commons and digital distribution. In fact, he's let fans tinker with his musical creations as far back as the 1999 release of his two-disc album, "The Fragile," two years before the sharing and remixing licensing arrangements of the non-profit organization Creative Commons even existed. …mehr

  • Only at Expo: It's the people, stupid

    This is the final post in my rather short series called 'Only at Expo,' highlighting those things that you won't find at your local Apple store (despite some claims to the contrary) and it is the most important one. Simply put: it's the people. …mehr

  • Posting Negative Reviews Could Get You Sued

    A San Francisco doctor is suing a patient for posting a negative review of his office on . I'd like to officially give that lawsuit a negative review. …mehr

  • Intego updates Mac security, antivirus tools

    rolled out a spate of updates to its line of Internet security offerings at Macworld Expo, including a significant update to its Internet-filtering software and a new version of its server-side virus protection programs. …mehr

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