Meldungen vom 20.12.2008

  • Microsoft boosts MVC Web app development

    Microsoft is moving forward on two fronts with its MVC (Model View Controller) software development platform for the Web, providing design assistance and readying a release candidate of the technology. …mehr

  • Analyst: Early Nortel bankruptcy might be smart

    It might make sense for to declare bankruptcy sooner rather than later in an effort to be in as strong a position as possible when it happens, an industry financial analyst says. …mehr

  • Ambrosia releases 15th anniversary game bundle

    Ambrosia Software has put together a collection of some of its most popular games, including a few that have been updated to run as Universal binaries on Intel-based Macs. The costs $19. …mehr

  • Motorola Motozine ZN5 Camera Phone

    The Motorola Motozine is part cell phone, part digital camera. It's the brainchild of a partnership between Motorola and Kodak, boasting a 5-megapixel camera with a bevy of impressive settings and features. And at $99 (after a $100 mail-in rebate) it comes at an unbeatable price--it's much less expensive than the (approximately $500, unlocked), which also has a 5-megapixel camera. But Motorola put so much effort into the camera component that it compromised on other aspects of the phone, such as design and 3G support.  …mehr

  • RIAA's New Piracy Plan Poses a New Set of Problems

    The is taking a dangerous step with to stop suing suspected music sharers and start cutting off their Internet access instead. While the discontinuation of the lawsuit practice has its merits, the move opens up a whole new can of worms -- one that could have serious implications for our future rights as consumers of information. …mehr

  • Three deals symbolized storage trends in 2008

    The storage story of 2008 was growth: An accelerating explosion of information, much of it in the form of video, led IT administrators to try to make better use of their capacity and staff.  …mehr

  • NSA patents a way to spot network snoops

    The U.S. National Security Agency has a technique for figuring out whether someone is tampering with network communication. …mehr

  • Target of RIAA lawsuit: music piracy case an ordeal

    To hear 's version of the story, at least, it isn't hard to see why the 's campaign against music piracy has earned the RIAA so many enemies ? perhaps contributing to the trade group's decision this week to against people like Tenenbaum. …mehr

  • RIAs: The Missing Link in Your BI/CRM Strategy

    It's no secret that (CRM) is a key business strategy to determine enterprise success. Aggressively managing customer relationships and working to ensure retention have become imperative to building business, especially through lean times. However, savvy businesses need to conduct the proper due diligence to ensure their CRM strategy succeeds. …mehr

  • No-Name Power Supplies Can Prove Painful

    Power is the talk of the town in the PC industry, and for good reason. Nobody wants their desktop computer to double their electricity bill. But various power tweaks, myths, and all other kinds of electronic hocus-pocus back-and-forth, it's important to sit back for a moment and think about the core of your system: the power supply. It's the most critical part of your system, and the certainly don't last forever. But this is not a place where you're going to want to scrimp when it comes time to build a new machine or replace the aging power supply in your current rig. …mehr

  • Make Free (and Cheap) Phone Calls From Your Browser

    Much as I love the idea of using a service like to make free PC-to-PC phone calls (and cheap PC-to-landline calls), it's yet another program to install, and yet another drain on my system's already strapped resources.  …mehr

  • Watchdog group asks Google to create personal data "opt-out"

    The nonprofit group Consumer Watchdog on Friday that Google give users of its search engine the ability to "opt out" of leaving personal data, such as IP addresses, on Google's servers.  …mehr

  • MacCase Premium Leather Flight Jacket

    When it comes to style, most laptop bags aim for either techie or chic. MacCase's Premium Leather Flight Jacket, on the other hand, is designed to appeal to rugged types. As its name implies, the Flight Jacket's weathered leather looks like it was stripped from a vintage bomber jacket--the bag's stock leather finish is actually called Vintage--and the overall design similarly resembles a classic messenger bag. (If you're not a fan of the weathered look, the Flight Jacket is also available in Black or Chocolate, both of which appear to be more traditional in appearance. The Flight Jacket is also available in sizes for the MacBook and MacBook Pro.) …mehr

  • Forrester: CIOs wrestle with too many enterprise BI tools

    More than 40% of enterprise IT decision makers said their companies are using three to five different business intelligence analysis and reporting tools, according to a survey released today by  …mehr

  • Lenovo to release ThinkPad laptop with 2 LCD screens

    Lenovo Group Ltd. Friday announced the release of a laptop that takes the of notebook PCs to a new level. …mehr

  • Automatically Track Your Company and Competitors with RSS

    RSS feeds consolidate web surfing, pushing the new content directly to you instead of making you bounce between sites. That time saver can make better use of your breaks, even if you're just checking sports updates. But you can make RSS feeds into a business tool, tracking industry events, news, your company, and competitors. I like to use Alerts as the cornerstone of these feeds; when a search term hits, Google pushes me an update. …mehr

  • Nanocar inventor takes top science award

    The inventor of a car slightly wider than a strand of DNA in nanotechnologies this week. James Tour, a professor of chemistry at , won the Foresight Institute Feynman Prize for experimental nanotechnology for his nanocar, which is four nanometers across and includes a chassis with an engine, a pivoting suspension and rotating axles attached to rolling buckyball wheels, each made of 60 carbon atoms. …mehr

  • RIAA shifts gears on music piracy, won't file more suits

    In a surprise about-face, the said Friday that it will no longer pursue its of filing large numbers of lawsuits against individuals for alleged music piracy. …mehr

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