Zombies, Warriors on Xbox Live next week

It's looking like next week is going to be a nice one for surviving. Konami has just sent along word that their Smash-TV inspired undead shooter will be hitting Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network next week for 800 MS points/$10.

Based on information Paramount Digital Entertainment to us, we're also pretty sure the side-scrolling beat-em-up will be landing on Xbox Live Arcade next week, with a yet to be determined PS3 release next month. This game will also be 800 MS points/$10.

Additionally, passed along word that a "Game with Fame" event on Xbox Live is advertising a chance to play against pop-punk band Paramore in 's upcoming DLC campaign . Now, this pack has not received a release date, but it would be weird to sneak an advanced look at the content just to play against a marginally popular rock band. If Crash Course comes out next week, it will be 560 points ($7).

Having plenty of experience with both arcade games--the former at E3, and the latter during an in-office demo a week ago, I've got to say both are well worth $10. Neither are rewriting their respective genres, but they do offer great throwback gameplay reminiscent of classic arcade games--Smash TV for Zombie Apocalypse and Streets of Rage for The Warriors. If you have to choose one, though, go with Zombie Apocalypse--it's got a little more replay value than The Warriors. I will say, however, after experiencing extreme disappointment with the and Xbox Live beat-em-up games, that The Warriors was pleasantly surprising. be sure to keep an eye on next week as they tackle these new titles.

As for Left 4 Dead, if you're like me, you're already obsessively checking the download page of Xbox Live for Crash Course. The Zombie Apocalypse press release is below.