Your Fitness Resolutions: This Tech Can Help

Staying in shape is really about two things. First you have to find an aerobic activity that you enjoy, or at least don't consider drudgery. And second you have to find a diet that is healthful, but not so boring and restrictive that you can't stay on it. This article is about cool technology that can help you discover, embark on, and stick with the exercise and diet regimens that are right for you. So here we go.

Wii Fit With Balance Board

Nintendo's $90 Wii Fit is a home workout program (disguised as a video game) that runs on the popular Wii gaming console. The game in May, and sold out in about 2 hours.

in four main categories: yoga poses, strength training, aerobic exercise, and balance games. To performthe games/exercises, you stand, sit, or lie on the special wireless Wii Balance Board thing, which resembles a double-wide bathroom scale, and comes bundled with the game. Four pressure sensors inside the board determine where your feet are, monitor your center of gravity, and check your weight. Using the board, the Wii Fit calculates your body mass index (BMI), records other data, and helps guide you through the process of hitting your goals over time.

Visually, the Wii Fit games use cartoon figures similar to the ones that appear in other Nintendo Wii games. The game lets you create these characters roughly in your own image (hair color, facial features, and so on) if you like. Setting up the game for playing takes about 10 minutes the first time around. You can choose from activities such as hula hoop, ski slalom, ski jumps, tightrope walking, boxing, and dancing, so it's ; that way, you'll soon forget that you're "working" out.

Shaun White Snowboarding (Wii)