Wikipedia Censorship Sparks Free Speech Debate


Regardless of your feelings about the image on the Scorpions' album cover, is this group's stance any different than the IWF's on its most basic operating level? Each organization is asserting its own right, outside of the law, to determine what legally acceptable content you should or should not be allowed to see. The IWF just presently has the power to enact its decisions, while The Family Foundation does not.

To be clear, I'm by no means suggesting an image of a young girl nude is comparable to adult pornography. I'm not even saying that the image of the young girl should necessarily be legal. I'm just saying that I'm in no position to make that determination -- and, so long as the image is legal, I'm in no position to keep you from looking at a Web site about it. And I'm not sure if a group like the IWF should be, either.

These are tough questions, and there may not be any definitively correct answers. I sure don't have them. But there's no doubt an important debate brewing here that's far bigger than this one case -- and everyone who uses the Internet has reason to be invested in its outcome.