Why MobileMe is really worth it

I’m sure you have that favorite band, TV show, or movie that you absolutely adore and desperately pray to every God listening that you never have to defend in public.

I don’t. The awesomeness of the stuff I love is self-evident and even those who are dumb enough to mock, say, the pre-”Batman” film work of Mr. Adam West are at least sensible enough to know that to speak up would only reveal their own cod-slopping ignorance.

Open it up to software and hardware and online services, though, and it gets itchy. By far the one question I hate the most is a common one from new Mac users:

“Is a MobileMe subscription worth the money?”

This is not what the questioner wants to hear. It’s also what someone doesn’t want to hear when they’re about to be set up on a blind date and ask the question “Is this person good-looking?”