Web 2.0's Power of Less

As a dyed-in-the wool journalist, I am rarely seduced by slogans or pitches, but "The Power of Less" for the upcoming in San Francisco resonated.

The notion, according to show GM Jennifer Pahlka interviewed in a , suggests we do our best work under the leanest circumstances. More makes us fat, happy and complacent.

"These are the times when bureaucracy and waste die by necessity. What's left are ideas, and the muscle to make them real," according to the Web 2.0 home page.

During the economic downturn, I have wondered if we could get along with less on a more or less permanent basis. Our 401ks say no, but maybe it's better for the planet. Many think less runs counter to human nature.

Pahlka elaborates.

"It's finding the business opportunities when you are constrained. What business opportunities are there when you have less to work with," she asks. Hordes of people in the workplace and many who wish they still were have been living with the do-more-with less mantra for years. Engineers have embraced this modus operandi forever.