Umlout U(m)pdate

With the second annual Umloud show less than a month away, we checked in with one of the show's producers about how the recent Harmonix developments affect the event and the availability of premium band packages.

With Harmonix's ownership situation about to become more muddled during the next few months due to Viacom's plans to jettison the developer, fans of the annual Rock Band-focused Umloud charity event may be worried about the status of the event. Thankfully, Harmonix and Umloud will once again be joining forces to make December 9 an epic evening for charity and video game rock.

"The recent news with Viacom has no effect on ümloud," said show co-producer John "Seg" Seggerson. "Harmonix staff will fly out to our event and provide some of the equipment for the main performance stage and the free-play stage for all attendees. This allows us to have the 2,000+ song library of Rock Band 3 songs to all attendees and bands."

Seggerson also provided an update on the event's premium packages. Selling for $150 each, the allows up to seven band members to reserve a slot and song for their performance while also gaining a few other VIP accouterments. "Since we opened Ultimate Band sales last Thursday night, we saw a rush to donate at a faster pace than last year, with only 4 packages left at this time. That's $2400 raised in 3 days!".

This article's author has purchased a package, which brings the remaining package amount to 3, at the most. Umloud 2010 will take place on the evening of Thursday, December 9 at San Francisco's DNA Lounge. For more information about Ultimate Band availability and the show in general, please visit .