The Witcher 2 v1.2 Tomorrow

CD Projekt Red's Summer Days special event carried with it a number of big announcements, with the first thing being a new update for The Witcher 2.

The update includes 50 fixes and updates, many of which are based on community feedback. The Prologue chapter has been rebalanced for those who found it too difficult, and a much-requested key-binding feature has been added.

All the former pre-order bonus DLC is now bundled in with the patch, including a number of stat-boosting outfits, a "Mysterious Merchant" and a selection of new finishing moves. "All versions of the game are now equal," said the company, also referring to the recent removal of DRM from all editions of the title.

The patch also includes a brand new DLC pack called "Barbers and Coiffeuses" which allows players to change Geralt's hairstyle. Some players apparently found the witcher's new ponytail to be "blasphemy," apparently, so this piece of DLC is going some way to appeasing them while offering other players the ability to visually customize their hero as they please.

Patch 1.2 will be live for the game tomorrow, and the full changelog will be up on later today.

The Witcher 2 is fantastic, incidentally, if you're yet to try it -- check out to find out more.