The Ultimate Laptop to Replace a Desktop

What would the ultimate full-size laptop need to include to convince you to ditch your desktop for good? Our dual-screen laptop concept merges some of the best tech from Apple, HP, Intel, Lenovo, Toshiba, and others, along with some old-fashioned "if only" whimsy. Read on for the full parts list, and let us know what you think.

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TWIN, SLIDING SCREENS: These bright, glossy-coated, OLED wide screens support hover and

; plus full high-def. The left display slides across and closes over the right screen to pack down. Tilt and swivel adjustments are also possible. Back in the real world: Lenovo just announced its , a desktop replacement with a 17-inch primary display, plus a 10.6-inch secondary screen.

KEYBOARD AND TOUCH SCREEN: An (each key has programmable OLED displays; pictured) is paired with an full-width, multitouch, pressure-sensitive glass screen for the touchpad, widgets, and more. The keyboard and screen can also be removed to sit on your desk or even swap positions.