The Promise of 4G

The Philippines, given its archipelagic physical make-up of a sprawling 7,107 islands, brings new challenges to Internet deployment that will easily blanket the whole country.

Over the years, Internet deployment in one of the world's most connected country has been compared to neighboring countries such as Singapore, Hong Kong, and Korea, but arguments were easily shrugged off given the difficult and complexity of deploying a fixed network to connect its thousands of islands.

For this reason, wireless Internet services have become an attractive alternative for Philippine telecommunication firms to further their offerings, from the high lands up north to the vast cities down under.

According to March 2010 data from Point Topic, a UK-based firm collating information on broadband communication services around the world, the Philippines has a broadband penetration rate of 1.6%, or around 1.7 million subscribers, most of which are subscribed to mobile 3G dongles.

The same report reveals that the Philippines has enjoyed a steady annual growth rate of 61.74% in 2009, second only to Moldova and followed by Tunisia.