Skills not an issue, for now: NBN Co

Competition for skills caused by the resources boom and efforts to rebuild post-flood Queensland will not delay the rollout of the National Broadband Network (NBN), at least in the short term, according to NBN Co.

Addressing recent over NBN Co's ability to source the skills it needs to complete the NBN on time, an NBN Co spokesperson said the deliberate strategy of rolling out the NBN in stages would help it manage the issue of skills sourcing and retention.

"Because of this graduated start, we don't anticipate an immediate impact on skills availability from the flood reconstruction work," the spokesperson told .

"However, ensuring there is a skilled workforce available for the project in the longer term, work is a vital component of what is a complex supply chain of labour, materials and equipment."

Presently, NBN Co itself employs 630 people, but will rely heavily on contractors to supply the majority of the staff needed for the construction program -- expected to be as many as 20,000 people at the height of the rollout.

According to the spokesperson, this reliance on the private sector to source and supply the required skills was not an issue, as NBN Co was working with contractors to manage the risk of skills shortages.