Six Ways Amazon Book Streaming Could Help Small Business

The Internet is abuzz with talk of Amazon's rumored streaming service for books. This news is exciting for any business, professional, or student that relies on research from original sources.

According to the rumor, to books through the new service. You can currently become an Amazon Prime member for an annual fee of $79, and they . All Amazon would need to do is to add books to the menu.

Here are four reasons that this could mean a lot to any business, writers and publishers included. We're going to take a leap of faith here and assume that what Amazon is offering goes beyond the that every e-book reader and service has made available for free, since they will need to do so .

1. Google Books Is Not Enough

Google Books is currently the most thorough repository of books on the Internet. Since it only offers a free preview of a book, many students and others only use the portions of content that are available on the free preview in their research. If the titles on Amazon's streaming book service are at all similar to the titles on Google Books, 100 percent of the publication would be available to Amazon Prime members.

2. Businesses Can Advertise to Relevant Readers