Shark Tank: Who ya gonna trust?

This pilot fish is responsible for setting up new servers at his company, and when one manager orders three new machines for a project, fish goes to work.

"The first two servers are set up, configured and then placed in the server rack, ready to go," says fish. "When I open up the third box, a yellow tag is attached to the serial number tag: 'Lin 16 CMOS POST ERROR -- FINAL TEST.'

"The server doesn't even look brand-new -- it looks a bit like a remanufactured server being pushed as new."

Concerned, fish contacts the manager and explains his suspicions.

"Impossible," manager tells him. "The server is brand-new." But he agrees to stop by the data center.

Fish shows manager the tag. I'll call to set up returning it, fish suggests. Manager responds, "You need to learn to read. The tag says CMOS PAST ERROR, which means that it passed that final test error it was getting."