Shark Tank: Let's go over this again ...

This company decides to implement a security policy that prevents users from clearing their Internet browsing history. "We've had too many laptops come in with spyware, and we wanted to track where they've been," explains a pilot fish working there.

A week after the new policy goes into effect, fish gets a call one of the company's salesmen. His laptop must be broken, he tells fish, because no matter what he does, he's unable to clear his Web browser's history.

Fish explains that there's nothing wrong, it's just a new policy that's been put in place.

"Oh," says sales guy. "Well, can you turn it off so I can clear my history?"

Fish points out that if he turns it off for one person, he has to turn it off for everyone.

"OK then, just let me clear it, then you can turn it back on," sales guy says.