Remains of the Day: Sadie Hawkins

What, Dan Moren’s not available? Where could he be? What could he be doing that’s so important, it takes precedence over the news remainders for Friday, January 14, 2011?


Apparently a bunch of geeks get together and solve puzzles over a weekend at this Boston-area event, which kicked off this morning. Shame that it starts on a Friday, though. That precludes a Boston-area person from participating in it, unless they took a personal day… wait a second.


Are you a subscriber to some sort of periodical, perhaps a magazine or newspaper, who is wondering why you can’t get free access to the iPad edition of that periodical as a part of your subscription? This story might explain things. Several European newspapers are reporting that Apple doesn’t want to allow that approach, because it elbows Apple out of its 30-percent cut.

As an employee of a magazine that still publishes on those dead trees, I recuse myself from making any jokes about this one. Sorry.