Remains of the Day: Everything but the kitchen sync

Apple may be up for bringing back some of MobileMe's soon-to-be-discontinued features at a later date, if consumers barrage them with feedback. Elsewhere, a profile of Tim Cook's successor, an ultra luxury car with an Apple twist, and who made HTC the latest barometer of cool, anyway? The remainders for Tuesday, September 13, 2011 would like their car brought around right away.


Might Apple return some of to iCloud at a later date? According to one anonymous fellow, who claims he sent an email to Tim Cook and received a call from the Apple CEO's office in response, that might just happen. So, if you want features like syncing of preference panes and keychains to return, I suppose it's time to start your campaign now. Suggestion: Let's take a page from the "don't cancel our TV show" campaigns and send thousands of novelty keychains to Apple! That'll do it, right?


With Tim Cook now occupying Apple's top seat, who's holding down the operational fort? That'd be , who not only bears a slight resemblance to Cook, but also attended the same Duke MBA program as Cook and, like Cook, is an avid cyclist. Hark! The era of Apple clones has returned!