Podcast: iPhone Jailbreak, Palm Pre Hacks, Windows XP's fate

This week on the podcast, PC World editors Steve Fox, Robert Strohmeyer, Tim Moynihan, and Darren Gladstone explore the world of handset hacks.

First up, are easy enough to do, but what do you actually get out of it? Robert Strohmeyer talks about some of the underground apps you can download from unofficial app sites.

Darren Gladstone has hacked his and checked out some of the interesting apps available from the small but growing . Hacking the Pre is easier than you might expect, and not unlike unlocking secret abilities in an old Nintendo game.

Also, Steve Fox offers us an early look at the results of the still-ongoing Windows XP survey, in which XP users give us their take on the fate of their beloved operating system as Windows 7 emerges onto the market.

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