PC World Podcast: Office 2010, True Smartphone Cost, More

This week on the PC World Podcast, editors Tim Moynihan, Darren Gladstone, Ed Albro, and Mark Sullivan discuss the new features in and ponder . Will the new, give Google Docs a run for the money? Can the make spreadsheets even more exciting? And what about the universally-loved Ribbon? .

Also on this week's show, Mark Sullivan discusses the . Buying and activating the phone (and sending in any mail-in rebates) is just the start of the spending process; Sullivan has factored in what data charges, SMS fees, monthly fees, and more will really cost you over the course of a two-year contract. Discover just how pricey that new , , , or will end up being.

And if cost means nothing to you and you just need to decide between the two "phones du jour"-- and the --Darren Gladstone discusses what he picked between the two of them. He spent a couple of weeks using both phones on a day-to-day basis, and has some interesting insight on how both smartphones performed in the real world. , and listen to the podcast to learn about his final judgment.

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