Pay $9 bucks to look at Final Fantasy XIII on your iPhone

Square Enix has released a "Larger-Than-Life" Final Fantasy XIII screen shot/art gallery on the App Store today to celebrate the launch of the game, which occurred last week. It costs $8.99.

The image gallery is a high resolution "special digital art book," that lets users enlarge or downsize images. The purpose of this is so that "fans can experience the elaborative and extraordinary gallery details - from the minute lifelike detail of the eye colors and fingertips, to the beautifully designed and embellished outfits and accessories."

Also, it features a clock and a calendar. Did we mention it costs $8.99? If that doesn't make you laugh, read the description posted on the :

This digital photo album is bursting at its virtual seams with ultra-high resolution FINAL FANTASY XIII imagery. Watch intricate design details come to life as you expand and explore gorgeous CG and character art, discovering hidden minutiae like eye colors, clothing materials, and the brilliant luster of accessories! You won't find this collection of hi-res artwork in the game or on the official web site.