Official Catan game released for iPhone

Settlers of Catan, for those of you unfamiliar, is an extremely popular board game that was first released in Germany in 1995. It has since sold over 15 million copies, and is regarded by board game aficionados as one of the finest examples of strategic gameplay available. The basic premise concerns the building of settlements and infrastructure and the subsequent gathering of resources on a hex-shaped, tiled-based playing board. It can be played by up to four players, and the game offers a variety of different victory scenarios that reward players for meeting a variety of different goals.

Why are we telling you this? For many, the idea of having a competent reproduction of Settlers of Catan on their iPhone would be a dream come true. For a while there was a competent facsimile in the shape of Kolonists (which has seemingly been removed from the App store) but now, thanks to USM and Exozet games there is an official title available dubbed (iTunes link). The official game is $4.99, features the original rule set from the board game, supports "hot seat" multiplayer (which means you pass the iPhone around, there's no Wi-Fi or Bluetooth support yet) and, for newbies, there's an extensive and very clear tutorial mode that will teach you how to play.

Reception from fans so far has been very positive.