Mozilla relies on search deals for 98% of revenues

Mozilla today said that income from its search partners, including rival browser maker Google, increased by 19% last year.

Royalties, almost all of which come from search services like Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and others, were $121.1 million, up 19.3% from 2009's $101.5 million.

The vast bulk of the Mozilla Foundation's revenues came from search providers, which paid the organization for leading Firefox users to their websites. In 2010, royalty payments accounted for 98% of the year's revenues, a percentage point higher than the share of Mozilla's income attributed to search in the two years before.

Mozilla Foundation is the not-for-profit organization that oversees Mozilla Corp., the commercial firm that develops Firefox.

According to the audited financial statement ( ) released Monday, total revenues for 2010 were $121.1 million, up 18.1% from 2009's $104.3 million.

Revenue growth last year was just over half that of the Mozilla touted for 2009.