Make Pretty Explosions in Garden of Colored Lights

In this age of "sandbox" games, multiplayer online whatever, and user-generated content, sometimes, you just want to sit back and blow some... stuff... up. The whimsically named free game allows you to do just that, with class vector-style graphics and a few nifty gameplay enhancements.

For example, you get three weapon slots on your ship, and nine weapons to pick from! The recommended load-out is one slow weapon, one fast weapon, and one 'special' weapon, but you're free to experiment with different combinations.

Gameplay in Garden of Colored Lights is very basic. You move up, down, left, and right on a two dimensional, constantly scrolling, screen, firing your three weapons. Be warned! The 'slow' and 'special' weapons only recharge as you kill enemies, so if you want your big gun to take down the large ships, you must also constantly destroy smaller ships with your other weapons, even as the screen fills with missiles and rays aiming to destroy you. You keep playing until you run out of lives, struggling to beat your old high score. Nothing fancier than that, but fun, fast-paced, and addictive. It's a great way to kill a few minutes, or a few hours.