LG Optimus Pro and Optimus Net Target Social Networkers

Not ready to commit to a high-powered Android smartphone? Keep an eye on LG's Optimus Pro and Optimus Net, which strive to be a bit simpler-and hopefully less expensive.

With 800 MHz processors, 3-megapixel cameras and 2 GB of storage on included MicroSD cards, these phones aren't the most powerful around, but their combination of small screens and hefty 1500 mAh batteries could provide long battery life in return. (LG's not offering specific numbers on battery life right now.)

The Optimus Pro takes a page from Blackberry phones, with a 2.8-inch touch screen on top and a full QWERTY keyboard on bottom. We've seen this trick before, notably in / and , but LG hopes the Optimus Net will stand out thanks to dedicated keys for e-mail and scheduling.

The Optimus Net ditches the keyboard and sports a 3.2-inch touch screen with 320-by-480 resolution, but only for non-U.S. markets. LG says U.S. carriers will get a version that has a QWERTY keyboard, although it's not clear what that'll look like. The big feature on this phone is LG Social+, which combines Facebook and Twitter (but not Google+, despite the name) into a single widget.

LG hasn't answered the big questions of how much these phones will cost and on what carriers they'll appear. If priced right (read: free with contract), the Optimus Pro and Optimus Net might be worth a look for QWERTY keyboard fans, but on paper there's not a lot to rave about. Expect these phones to roll out in 30 markets this summer, Europe first.

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