Lesson From Steve Jobs: The Power of Inspiration


Nevertheless, Jobs saw something in the paintings of Mark Rothko, the Russian-born American abstract expressionist, that would inspire Apple-minded employees. Rothko himself was inspired by mythology and influenced by Nietzsche, . (Sadly, Rothko committed suicide in 1970.)

Mark Rothko's works hang on the walls untitled and anonymous.

It is anyone's guess what Jobs saw in the outwardly simplistic paintings. I can imagine Jobs chuckling at the illusion of simplicity that belies intense skill and complex thought, the hallmark behind virtually every Apple product. Rothko's paintings would be a kind of inside joke shared among Apple employees.

Inspiration can come in many forms, not just art or songs or speeches. More often than not, people are inspired when their work is connected to something bigger than themselves, such as a team effort or higher calling or a purpose beyond better salaries.

Inspiration is anything that transcends the reality of the daily toil.