Juniper opens up Junos

Juniper Networks has opened up its Junos operating system to third-party developers as part of a swathe of new announcements.

Juniper Networks vice-president Australia and New Zealand, Shaun Page, said the networking company was striving to make a "big jump forward" to address complexity in networks.

"Those that understand the complexities of networking understand that with the demand for sophisticated services, whether they are consumer or enterprise, the applications are getting more sophisticated," he said. "There has been a huge focus within Juniper to simplify networking to the point where you can take advantage of the benefits of those applications and services."

Junos operating system, which has been at the heart of much of the company's technological innovation, is being opened up with an SDK being offered to third party developers. For Page, this is a key aspect of the new strategy.

"The SDK has been adopted by around 100 unique projects with third parties building extensions to Junos," he said.