JBoss upgrades object-relational technology

Von Paul Krill

JBoss Inc. at its JBoss World 2005 conference in Atlanta next week will upgrade its Hibernate object-relational mapping software and debut service programs for open source projects and users of the vendor"s middleware.

Hibernate 3.0 features time-filtering as well as improvements in monitoring and management to enable diagnoses and isolation of performance problems related to data access. Hibernate is touted as part of the upcoming EJB 3.0 specification. It also provides mapping from Java classes to database tables.

"Hibernate, in particular, is becoming one of the more popular persistence engines," said analyst Anne Thomas Manes, a vice president at Burton Group.

JBoss" new JBoss Open Source Federation, meanwhile, provides access to value-added services, infrastructure, and marketing for open source projects that integrate with the JEMS (JBoss Enterprise Middleware System). The new JBoss Network serves as a streamlined support platform providing a console for customers to receive software patches and upgrades and to manage their application.