iPass to expand remote management

As mobile and remote access becomes more commonplace over a variety of wireless and wired networks, third party outsource providers are expanding their management services to the enterprise.

This week iPass'will announce Virtual Office' and Device Lockdown, a suite of management and security services respectively, for companies with heterogeneous remote networks.

Virtual Office will give companies a single piece of client software whether connecting over Wi-Fi, cellular, DSL or T-1 from home or remote office. Also included is a portal service for configuration and quality of service management in addition to support, training, and billing information.

Device Lockdown quarantines a device attempting to access the corporate network until it is "patted down" by the iPass policy server, according to Michael Suby, Research Program Director for Stratecast, a division of Frost & Sullivan'.

"iPass is providing corporate customers with the management tools such as authentication and infrastructure without the enterprise having to make the investment in technology and facilities on their own," Suby said.

The iPass policy server checks all compliance requirements before it allows a user to access a VPN and touches the customer's LAN, added Piero DePaoli, director of product management at iPass.