INTEROP - At Interop, security is a key focus

Von Bob Francis

Interop, formerly Networld+Interop, begins this week, and along with the new name comes a flurry of announcements from vendors aiming to solve various networking security issues.

?It?s not a surprise that we?ll be seeing a number of new security products at the show because securing the network is a prime concern for IT managers,? said Joel Conover, a principal analyst at Current Analysis.

Among the companies announcing new products in the wireless security space is Fortress Technologies. Fortress on Monday announced an integrated network security system that adds new security services and additional scalability to the company?s latest version of its product suite, Fortress Secure.

Version 3.0 of Fortress Secure includes a new MaPS (Management and Policy Server), additional functions for Fortress Secure Client software, and an upgraded AF8500 Security Gateway. MaPS is a new enterprise-scale management and policy server that provides centralized, easily deployed administration and control of user and device access to the network. The new version combines granular role-based policy management, new identity management features, and tighter access control in a new and highly scalable platform that supports as many as 50,000 users and 5,000 gateways.

The Fortress Secure Gateway and Fortress Secure Client are designed to protect the network edge by restricting communication to only those clients and devices recognized and authorized by the system. The Fortress Secure Client protects devices from intrusions and provides a secure connection for users regardless of the device they use to connect to the network, including laptops, PDAs, portable terminals, and bar code scanners. The client supports a broad range of platforms including Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, XP, and CE, DOS, Linux, and Palm OS. Version 3.0 will be generally available in June 2005.

Also adding new security features to its products today is Radware, which is expanding its DefensePro product line. DefensePro 100 is designed to provide end-to-end security from the network core and through the corporate gateway to branch and regional offices. DefensePro 100 uses signature matching, anomaly detection, and DoS and DDoS mitigation to protect distributed networks by way of a line of intrusion-prevention security switches.

DefensePro 100 features in-line security switching and accelerated, stateful, deep-packet inspection. It also scans and protects network traffic against application-level attacks. DefensePro 100 isolates attacks by dynamically managing bandwidth to stop propagation across users and resources while ensuring the continuity and performance of all secure traffic to proactively control impact and limit damage. DefensePro 100 is available now.

Cyber-Ark Software is also adding new ease-of-use components to its Inter-Business Vault security software. One-Click Transfer automates and simplifies the transfer of critical information to and from the electronic vault. One-Click Transfer is currently available as an optional module of the Inter-Business Vault Version 3.1. Cyber-Ark?s Inter-Business Vault is a virtual WAN that connects enterprises? partners, customers, and subcontractors, enabling them to share and exchange information as if they have deployed a traditional WAN. It also provides organizations with a security area within the enterprise where critical information can be stored, shared, and accessed. One-Click Transfer improves the product?s ease-of-use by automating manual procedures for repetitive tasks.

Mirapoint will also add new enhancements to its RazorGate e-mail security appliance. The company is announcing its new Mirapoint Junk Mail Manager, Rapid Anti-Virus technology, and MailHurdle appliance.

The Junk Mail Manager works with existing e-mail servers, including Microsoft Exchange, to provide flexible end-user controls for managing false positives by keeping spam out of users? inboxes and quarantining unwanted traffic at the network edge. The new Rapid Anti-Virus technology is designed to help customers minimize their exposure to and risk from malicious code threats during the critical first minutes of an outbreak. The MailHurdle appliance complements existing security products to stop spam and virus messages at an SMTP connection layer before resources are wasted and traditional filtering techniques are applied.

Available immediately, Junk Mail Manager requires Mirapoint?s MOS (Messaging Operating System) Version 3.6. The Rapid Anti-Virus technology will be available in beta release this summer and will be licensed on a per-user basis with annual subscriptions for updates. Junk Mail Manager & Rapid Anti-Virus are available on Mirapoint?s Message Server and RazorGate appliances. The MailHurdle appliance is available immediately and is based on a special configuration of the RazorGate e-mail security appliance.