HTC Inspire 4G: Affordable and Entertaining


Of all the Android overlays, HTC Sense is the best-looking, in my opinion. The dynamic Weather app, in particular, is one of my favorites. The latest iteration of Sense features Leap, which is essentially an elegant way of handling multitasking; it's a bit reminiscent of (remember WebOS?). Pinch anywhere on the homescreen, and you'll jump to seven thumbnail versions of your homescreens. From there, you can go to any of those open applications or close out of one.

Friend Stream, HTC's social network aggregator, lets you view your friends' status updates, shared links, and pictures in one seamless view. Supported social networks include Facebook, Flickr, and Twitter, among others. I find this type of social network feed a bit annoying--do I need to see everybody's tweets and Facebook status updates jumbled together? If you're an avid social networker, though, seeing all of the updates in one place may be useful.

The Inspire's version of Sense features, a Web-based service that adds an extra level of security to your phone. If your phone gets lost, you can use the site to track your phone on a map, send a command to make the phone sound an alert (even if your phone is set to "silent" mode). And if you can't track it down, you can remotely wipe all of the phone's data with a single command.


With a 4.3-inch display, the Inspire is just begging to be your secondary television. But like I mentioned previously, there's no kickstand on the Inspire so no table-top movie watching for you. There's also no HDMI port so you can't watch content from your phone on your HDTV.