How to Use the New Twitter and Google Buttons


1. Get the Buttons

First, jump over and install the Twitter and Google buttons on your site. Even though businesses should hesitate to integrate all social media platforms into their outreach strategy, it's a good idea to leverage the three biggest players--Facebook, Google and Twitter.

2. Be Compelling

Second, and specifically for Twitter users, make sure your account is up to date and vibrant when traffic arrives at your site. For example, if you've just bumped up your campaign and expect an influx of traffic, take that opportunity not only to sell your product or service, but to gain new followers on Twitter through your site. To do this, make sure timely, compelling content is live on your Twitter account.

Even though the new badges allow users to follow a given brand without seeing their previous tweets, when a new follower does come across a Twitter profile, they must receive a compelling first impression. If not, the user is apt to either unfollow or simply tune out the profile in the future.