High Prices Threaten to Kill Tablet Adoption

This sounds like a grouchy (and obvious) question, but are tablet computers too expensive? Are high prices going to push the nascent tablet computing platform into a nose dive it can't recover from?

For a brief few hours over the weekend, rumors flew that , at least at BestBuy. However, the pre-order page in question soon disappeared and experts went back to suggesting (although we still have no official confirmation).

The cheapest iPad rolls in at $499, and goes up to $829 if you want top of the range. To avoid two-year contracts, the Galaxy Tab .

There are rumors , which would position it against the cheapest iPad. That's a step in the right direction but still far from being a guilt-free purchase for anybody other than Arab sheikhs.

The Galaxy Tab . If you decided to invest in the equivalent weight of pure silver, it'd cost half the price of a Tab ($356 for 368 grams of silver vs. $600 for the Tab ).

The top-range, Wi-Fi-only iPad is also more expensive as its own weight in silver: $659.60 for 680 grams of silver vs. $699 for a 64GB Wi-Fi iPad.