Hey, Facebook RPGs -- Zynga's Coming with Kingdoms & Quests

Is there any theme that won't fit snugly into the FarmVille model? Probably not, as Zynga is reportedly about to launch their first fantasy role-playing game. If you thought the name would be "RPGVille" or "QuestVille," you're not thinking far enough inside the box -- the upcoming social game is actually titled Kingdoms & Quests.

According to , the website and where Kingdoms and Quests was spotted have already been taken down, but sites like where quick enough to get the information before it disappeared. Although the now-absent support pages made no mention of PvP combat, the text seemed to indicate that, unlike FarmVille and FrontierVille, social interaction isn't the major driving force of the gameplay:

First of all, we know that this game is a fantasy RPG (roleplaying game) in which players gain experience and resources like wood, coins and food through battling monsters as they clear the fog surrounding their kingdom. So, there will be a property management and expansion aspect to Kingdoms & Quests, but the support page drives home that combat is the focus in this game.

"If a player has an element icon next to their name, rather than the home kingdom icon, you can visit them on their map and play Kingdoms & Quests with them in real-time," the support page reads.

So far, has been notified by Zynga, who does confirm that the company is currently beta testing a game in Australia. No prizes for what the game's title is. While have a solid head start on Zynga, time has proven that it's never too late for the company to make an impact.

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