Has Android Malware Tripled in Recent Months? Not So Fast

There never seems to be any shortage of reports circulating in the news, and today one came out that sounds alarming indeed.

"Android Under Attack: Malware Levels for Google's OS Rise Threefold in Q2 2012" was the title of the from antivirus vendor Kaspersky announcing it, in fact, and right on cue headlines are popping up across the tech media echoing that dire warning.

But is it really as bad as all that? Probably not. In fact, as by security-focused publication The H on Thursday, data from competing firm F-Secure paint a very different picture for the very same time period. In fact, rather than a tripling of Android malware in the second quarter, F-Secure found only a modest rise.

How to explain the difference? It's all a matter of methodology, according to The H, which calls F-Secure's approach "more sophisticated."

Bottom line? Don't start panicking just yet.

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