Great Timewasters: 5 Videos to Enhance Your Weekend

There are a lot of videos on YouTube, and even more on other sites spread out across the Internet. So instead of searching far and wide for good trailers, how-to videos, tech reviews or what have you, just let the professionals do the work. Here are five from his catalogue to brighten your weekend.

I loved the movie Wall-E and after seeing a few DIY Wall-E robots around, this one is the coolest. This little Wall-E look-alike responds to voice commands, can track objects and faces, and even gets sad when you take his big red ball away.

Some people are still trying to decide if they want to switch to Google+ from Facebook, stay where they are, or just give up on social networks. This video provides a comical, yet surprisingly informative way to look at the two networks and the features each offers. The producers end up favoring Google+ in the video, so if you're looking for a reason to say on Facebook you probably won't find it here.