Google adds Shopping APIs for retailers

Google unveiled late last week Shopping APIs enabling retailers to upload product data to multiple Google Web properties. The company also announced the planned deprecation of the existing Google Base Data API for content providers and search applications.

The Shopping APIs feature components for and , according to the Google Code Blog. The content API allows retailers to upload product data to Google for uses in online places such as Google Product Search, Google Commerce Search, and Product Ads. Search API makes it easy for Google Commerce Search customers, Google Affiliate Network publishers, and developers to build applications using product data, Google said.

"We are pleased to announce our newest addition to the Shopping family -- a simple yet powerful programmatic interface that enables retailers to upload their content to Google and query data from Google," said Alex Dovlecel and Andrew Eames of the Google Sopping team.

Shopping APIs replace the Google Base Data API for content providers and search applications. "We are deprecating the Base API and will fully retire it on June 1, 2011. For existing developers making the switch, we've provided a to help," Dovlecel and Eames said.

"Developers using the Base API for shopping data should migrate to the new Shopping APIs for uploading their content and using data for search applications," said Philippe Altherr and Wenchao Tong, software engineers with the Google Shopping Team, in the Google Merchant Blog. "There are a few non-shopping data types that won't be supported with new Shopping APIs, such as jobs, real estate, events, and activities. We hope this won't cause too much disruption, and we recommend developers use and other search technologies for those use cases."