Gamescom: Sony Press Conference Roundup

Sony seemed bright and hopeful on stage today, the past woes of PSN a seemingly forgotten memory as the release of Vita was something the company was clearly looking forward to. As a result, much of Sony's presentation focused on Vita, but there were a few other bits and pieces, too. Here's a rundown:

PlayStation Vita is, according to Jim Ryan, COO of SCEE, "a state of the art device with games at its heart." Naturally, he then promptly rattled off a list of non-game applications to prove what else it can do. These are mostly social focused, and include the following:

* -- a location-based app that shows what people nearby are playing, allowing players to find new friends.

* -- text and voice chat with friends, including cross-game/app support. The irony of the fact that this feature still isn't present on PS3 wasn't lost on the audience.

* -- an online social network style portal similar to EA's Autolog system, only updating friends on all the games they've been playing. Friends can comment on each others' achievements and stay up to date with what everyone's been playing.