Gamescom: EA Press Conference Roundup

EA's press conference was filled with the words "innovative" and "revolutionary," as you might expect from a big publisher. We'll leave it up to you to decide if they're being truthful or hyperbolic.

Already , the return of the former EA Sports BIG franchise provides a markedly different experience to the flagship FIFA series.

The full game will apparently feature 300 kilometers of road (despite the trailers repeatedly saying it's a "3,000 mile race" from San Francisco to New York). Today, we got to see another level from the game set in a snowy pass that seemed suspiciously prone to avalanches. Gameplay unfolded in a very similar manner to Split/Second and Motorstorm Apocalypse, with environmental disasters making the going very difficult. The game's very obviously based on the Hot Pursuit mechanics, however, as even the screen layout is almost identical.