EFTS\Moratorium Needed


Members of the DP commKnity should join the congressional forces now urging a delay in the implementation of electronic funds transfer systems (EFTS).

DP people know only too well that policymakers and others in power too often rush headlong into computerization projects before the full consequences of such systems are studied.

This happens with poorly thought-out systems in the private sector as well as in the public sector, bat the effects of public systems are often more noticeable or devastating to the public at large.

EFTS is such a system - one that will touch a substantial number of people and one that will have great nontechnical consequences for users at all levels. It has the potential to change the way we bank and handle money.

A commission has been established to study the entire range of issues raised by EFTS and is expected to report its results within two years. But at the same time, several banks are already implementing EFTS and such implementation could shortcircuit the commission`s work.

Because of this, several thoughtful Congressmen have urged a moratorium on EFTS until the results of the commission `s studies are known.

DPers should join them and urge their local representatives to support the moratorium.

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