Edge-Core pushes for WiMax Philippines


With their product combinations, Ho said Edge-Core provides versatile and comprehensive solution matrices such as telco, ISP, enterprise, SMB, education and hospitality solutions for highly diverse networking environment deployments.

Dennis Anthony Uy, president of Edge-Core's sole partner in the Philippines--Comclark Network and Technology Corp. (Comclark)--described Edge-Core's solution as the"fiber to the community and the home," clamoring that the Philippines can also have a successful rollout of WiMax similar to Malaysia.

Although WiFi (wireless fidelity) and WiMax are quite similar when it comes to speed and function--the sending of data from one computer to another using radio signals--Uy said WiMax outdistances WiFi. The latter has a blanket range of about 30 meters or 100 feet while WiMax has a range of 30 miles or 50 kilometers and is more stable, enough to cover an entire town.

"There are only a few operators of WiMax in the Philippines. ISPs, corporations and telcos can use Edge-Core's port or individual equipment to build their own network and deliver it to their clients both government and private," Uy said.

He reported Edge-Core already found a niche market in the country for its IPTV solutions, now catering the hospitality industry or hotel businesses.