Cool Armored Glove Fights Crime With Electricity

Currently, if the police are trying to catch a felon, they can reach for their . Of course, Tasers can't be used in every situation, especially at very close range and if you are already being attacked, you are likely to drop your defense weapon. One inventor has created , a mean glove that not only has a laser, but also a flashlight and a camera to watch the action again (sort of). Oh, and it can also deliver an electric shock to an attacker.

BodyGuard was created by music video producer David Brown, the guy behind videos from Rage Against the Machine and Snoop Dogg, among others. The armored glove can help police avoid violent confrontation, and it can be deployed instantly. The onboard camera can film the suspect for later records. The green laser helps the camera focus more precisely--David believes that a suspect on camera may be more willing to give up.

Mounted to the top is a pair of stun electrodes, which are activated when the wearer punches someone. The electricity pulsing between electrodes will transfer to the other person, momentarily knocking them off their feet and into submission.

BodyGuard hopes to deploy the glove to Los Angeles County sheriffs later this year. The glove may also get some additional upgrades in the future, like a chemical sensor. Basically, it sounds like something out of Inspector Gadget or a James Bond movie.

Check out to see a demonstration of the glove, which also features David's friend and BodyGuard investor, Kevin Costner--wait, what?

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