Cloud computing 'like ordering a pizza'

IT industry professionals, analysts and vendors all have their unique ideas when it comes to describing what Cloud computing means, but according to one infrastructure leader it's just like ordering a pizza.

Westpac bank's head of enterprise infrastructure architecture, Eugene Zaid, said using a Cloud service is a lot like ordering a pizza as the consumer is most concerned with the outcome and not the process.

"A friend said to me recently is like ordering a pizza -- you choose the type and pay for it and sit back and wait for it to be delivered," Zaid said.

"All you care about is if it's the right topping and whether it arrives or not."

Speaking at this year's CeBIT conference in Sydney, Zaid said the processes that go into providing a Cloud service remain behind the scenes to most consumers, like pizza making.

"You don't care how it's cooked or if a Rolls Royce delivered it, as long as you get it," he said.