CA WORLD - Get ready for 'the new CA'

Having already acknowledged that CA needed a bit of repairing, the company's president and CEO, John Swainsen, announced at last week's CA World conference in Las Vegas that it is ready to execute its new strategies worldwide.

To illustrate CA's new focus, the company has again been rebranded, taking on 'CA' as the official name, dropping 'Computer Associates' entirely, and adopting a new logo.

Swainsen identified six major priorities for the company going forward, all aimed at making the software vendor more value-centric for customers.

'We intend to open ourselves up more to customers and strengthen customer relations,' he says, 'because they have told us that they would like to know more about what we are doing.'

The company has also put renewed focus on certain markets where it believes that the most growth is happening, outside of operating systems and application software.

'This is something we hope to achieve through our acquisitions of Netegrity, Concord/Aprisma and Niku,' he says, adding that the product launches happening at CA World will be the largest and most significant announcements in the company's history.